The new product in toner--Red Defend Toner

Frequently used with red sign and documents with red title at governments and special fields over the global. However, there are incapable to prevent of forgery if using common press and print. From now, there is solved completely in the filed of color printing since PEG group produced new product for red defend powder in profession.
With colorful laser toner, we usually can find powder in carmine, English calling is Magenta, which is quite different from those of PEG in colors. Red defend toner, English calling is Red; Secondly, Red defend toner of PEG is chemical combination of special paints and materials, whose synthesis physical same as used one in carmine, which can be loaded in powder packs, and to be used with powder in argent or achromaticity material as well.
In printing, impact of Red Defend toner is quite same as that of 3 normal colors combined. But, their powder quality and impact could be distinguished evidently with professional instrument.
Red defend toner of PEG has empoldered red powder used with Printer of Samsung, HP, FujiXerox,. Our group is still ongoing new products empoldered, such as Blue defend toner, etc. Market of defend toner has huge potential, as well we expect more corporation with customers and organizations from all over China and oversea.


The new product in toner--Special Chemical Toner

In HP435/436/388 toner cartridges which are ultra-fine chemical toner, performance close to the black toner of color laser printer. HP old powder of general black that can not be used in the cartridges, if after making the replacement of the black and result in not enough, and at least 0.5-0.8 degrees will be reduced, with some powder will not see a fundamental or ash, here We do not use HP old powder of general black .

Special Chemical Toner of CB 436A and CC 388A from PEG, PEG was among the first products of the chemical toner one of the manufacturers, their superior use of advanced production technology and raw materials determines the degree of near-original black colors, over color without deviation, without ash.
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